James Taylor Craftmanship

James Taylor Craftmanship
My Story
1900's to 1940's,
JAMES TAYLER. boatyard was Building Boats (yachts, river cruisers ect) for the gentry, Kings and MPs at Chertsey Surrey.
In 1937 he built, Express Cruisers including the FRAMAR LONDON.
We acquired the boat in May 2012 when we were looking for a boat to go up and down the rivers around Boston, Lincoln, Nottingham and
By chance, while we were moored at the Glory Hole in Lincoln, a passer-by noticed us and asked if we realised that we had a very special and very famous boat?
The local newspapers did a story on the boat for us as did BBC Radio Lincolnshire and with the help of the public we soon put together her history including her life as an RAF 'Flying Boat'.

It's fair to say that the Framer was in a pretty poor state when we purchased her. Being a 40ft wooden teak on oak boat with 2 big engines and streamlined hull, this boat was clearly built for speed.

We now believe she was used by MI5/SOE secret service to transport agents to meetings and submarine rendezvous.

With help we would like to renovate the framer and turn her into a floating museum to commemorate the brave men and women who gave and sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Debunking the Debunkers

Monday, 4 April 2016

Green Goddesses efforts didn't raise the Framar,

On Sunday the Green Goddesses Turned up to attempt to save the boat, overlooked by the chief of the fire brigade himself.
Their help doesn't go without appreciation to their abilities.  It's not a fail in my eyes, it's the boat that' is failing us at this point.
Every body was saddened when even though they attempted beyond amazing effort, the true impact about the sinking changed from simple to serious.
They used good old reliable 1930s equipment.
Water was pumped out at a productive rate, for a good while But try as they might, the water relentlessly replaced the water that was pumped out.
It now seems that, what ever the cause of her sinking, it was a severe and more serious than originally thought.
Now it's onto plan C, as the respected relations of the people that would have used the Framar back in the day and reached the age of 79,
It was our hope that we could help the Framar be restored to celibate her 80th Birthday in 2017, the sinking was a knock back and this means we have until next years boating season to make her look like she used to look during her 1930s adventures.

Now after the hearts of so many people are on edge as we wonder how this boat will get saved.
Now the Navy are showing interest in helping save the boat in respect of their ancestors,

David and his son are no way tight fist-ted, and not just people trying to get a freebies.
They are just 2 people trying to help the boat become an heritage boat after huge damages after vandalism an this caused no end of complications, one after another,
They both had  tolerate so much and risk to their own lives in doing so,
Dean has walking issues and needs walking aids to get about, and David has health issues too,
The only reason they endured so much, is to ensure they keep their foot in the door to ensure the boat will for-fill their Dream of becoming a floating attraction,museum as part of the River and Railway heritage center that is to be located on Brayford pool near old signal house.
The boat will act as a floating memorial that can be respected by all the passionate  people who can relate to the time of their heroes.
Every body right now is helping the boat write  history for the people of the future.
And will never  be forgotten as the people who saved Framar.

Please share this and if any people can help fund raising for this boat then please get in-touch.