James Taylor Craftmanship

James Taylor Craftmanship
My Story
1900's to 1940's,
JAMES TAYLER. boatyard was Building Boats (yachts, river cruisers ect) for the gentry, Kings and MPs at Chertsey Surrey.
In 1937 he built, Express Cruisers including the FRAMAR LONDON.
We acquired the boat in May 2012 when we were looking for a boat to go up and down the rivers around Boston, Lincoln, Nottingham and
By chance, while we were moored at the Glory Hole in Lincoln, a passer-by noticed us and asked if we realised that we had a very special and very famous boat?
The local newspapers did a story on the boat for us as did BBC Radio Lincolnshire and with the help of the public we soon put together her history including her life as an RAF 'Flying Boat'.

It's fair to say that the Framer was in a pretty poor state when we purchased her. Being a 40ft wooden teak on oak boat with 2 big engines and streamlined hull, this boat was clearly built for speed.

We now believe she was used by MI5/SOE secret service to transport agents to meetings and submarine rendezvous.

With help we would like to renovate the framer and turn her into a floating museum to commemorate the brave men and women who gave and sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Debunking the Debunkers

Friday, 11 October 2013

A Boat with a colourful history

Framar gets reviewed by the Lincolnshire echo as a boat with a lot of stories in it, and being a chance to share it with the local people of Lincolnshire.
Please click on image to see it close up , or download to view closer up.

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Monday, 30 September 2013

Framar in Lincoln

The boat has had a bit of a make over for my 40th Birthday on Saturday as we are moored outside the Green Dragon pub.

All flagged up with a RAF symbol and British flag.

Also had reporter and photographer take interest in the colourful history of this great boat.

We are interested in making it nice inside the boat also, for example the style of fabric on these boxes I saw in a shop would be great for the boats seating, we need help with sowing and having so local talents help bring the boat to life.

Here I have a buffet at the Laughing Buddha in Lincoln on Sunday,
Also I can now declare that I have never been stung by a wasp or bee and made it to 40 years of age on Saturday the 28th
Now that's something to be proud of,
Also today on Monday 30th I drove our boat through the glory hole to brayford and made it through the crocked bridge under stokes cafe, it's only possible to get through if I slightly zig zag as I flow through, but now I am used to it even though my roof has a close shave every time I go through.
Now we want to get the boat sorted out for winter, normally the boat is moored in Boston, but after the battle with the waters last winter I would like the boat to be accessible anytime so I can keep the boat floating strong.
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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Nature by the River

The nature by the river is so special that I am going to show you some of the wild plants and the wonderful world that is hidden from the city and I am dedicated in bringing you some amazing pictures so please follow this blog and keep smiling.
I know these pictures are not about the boat, but its about the nature that i surrounds the boat.

I don't know the name of this plant but I have seen it talked about in wild foods on TV about 15 years ago. It's said that the black mark in the leaf is the Virgin Mary's thumb print. And when harvested and cooked it resembles spinach. But I recommend you don't eat them until you find information that is upto date.

This flower that looks like a giant daisy is amazing for use as a herbal teas infusion. It has a slight rich taste that also has a wonderful sent when dried out.

I don't know what this is called but the leaves were very pretty so I had to share. Please leave a comment or get in touch if you know the names of any of these wild plants

I got a nice flying shot of a swift slowing down to land, and to top it off the tree had lots of cute young swifts,

Look at them all, right time right place to see a family of swifts landed in a tree.

The humble bumble

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Location:United Kingdom

Monday, 5 August 2013

Framar is currently in Lincoln

Welcome to my blog if you have been led here by information that you saw from the boat or a QR code.
Here are some of the answers you would have liked to have asked:
How old is the Boat?
Answer: it was built in 1937 by James Taylor as a river cruiser and when we were at war she was used by the Raf as a tender for the Sunderland flying boats.
What engines does the boat have?
Answer: 2 ford barracuda six cylinder Diesel engines.

We been busy on the boat in the past few weeks.
But now the weather is perfect we have got stuck in on reviving the boats wOod works with a gOod sanding down before we give her a goOd dose of Danish oil treatment.

But two nights ago when I left the boat near the Siemens car park there was an attempted break in as there are sharp knife marks around the door, but lucky for us they failed to get in.

Now I moved the framar up to the glory hole outside the witch and the wardrobe pub where their is more eyes on it that can help her be protected from trouble makers.
And a few fellow security mates can assist on their observations

Now I would like to form a club so the future of the boat can be maintained with help from all walks of life and in return for your help i can offer you inspiration trips and kayak fun for up-to four people. Or day outs to Tattershall or Bardney with a picnic. From Lincoln or Boston.
A donation towards boats fuel and upkeep would be great fully accepted. But not always required for little rides.
I can make hot drinks using filtered water, tea. Or coffee ect..
If my trips can inspire artists and writers then this would be amazing local talented people.
So what are you waiting for add your email address to be added to mailing list or subscribe to this blog. In September 28th I will be 40 years old, so I plan to have a great party and maybe a club embers gathering could be set for this date.
But before that date club meetings could be held in middle of Lincolnshire town on the boat.
Feel free to bring cakes or biscuits for sharing and I will keep the water hot for drinks and together we can work out ways to help fund boats future and secure it so average working on non working folk can experience the river ways of life.
Send an Emai directly to : fantasycider@me.com
Confirming your interest in becoming a dedicated team and supporter of the Framar London.
It's not all about money that boat needs. Its hands on deck that could be contributed too like sanding and painting ect and maybe a bit of wood work
Or maybe you could offer me some engines support.
And together we can make new History to add to the already amazing stories of times past.
We could do fun fund raising events or create annual club support packs that could also help the boat. So please get in touch and get added to the list so you can be the first enrolments of this great club.
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Location:Lincoln glory hole

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

River of Dreams

Hello friends of Framar London,  I have been very distracted the past few weeks, Multi tasking at the same time Exercising our boats moving parts ect..
Here is a nice video i put together that was filmed almost 2 weeks ago but the editing did take my a long time, As i wanted to make sure the whole video was in Full HD.

In this video you get to see the great setting that makes up for Lincolnshire's greatest rivers, where fresh water meets the sea after the gate in Boston.

Also a ray of light of great hope offers the chance for this boat to be preserved to a better way than ever possible before, as we enter the Beginning of the Nano age, This is already products that can be used to shield Framar from rot, moss, mold, and protect the varnish from UV rays and yet still allow the wood to breath, With one single application, it would preserve the boat for a good 10 years with its powerful water repellent ability.

The boat will stay the same as it would have been, Just with an invisible shield to protect her.
Please follow this blog and i would be grateful if people could maybe be part of a Vip Members club some day, Giving you the chance to take trips out on the boat.  Just like the video Above, You could have a great day out, just like my Brother Kevin, my niece and Nephew Callum and Emily.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Framar London Radio Lincolnshire Interview

After this radio Interview by Melvin on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, a fresh lead to the boats past as now emerged, Where the talks of our boat having 2 Perkins engines, when in fact after researching i discovered that  our Engines are Parson Ford Barracudas.
Parsons Barracuda ford Engine example

Framar Engine Number 2

Framar Engine Number 1
Now you can Compare and see that we really do have 2 Barracudas
Follow this Blog and it will be updated with more interesting interesting finds regarding the Framar's colorful History.

Friday, 22 February 2013

thankyou for visiting my blog

Badges For sale:
Small Button Badge: 50p each
Large Button Badge: 1 pound each
+ 75p P&P in uk
or postage is free if orders exceed  4 pounds or more.
Please Email your orders to me before paying.
Paypal is the safest way to pay.
  All profits go to keeping Framar serviced and help to fully  restore her.
This boat will then offer all helpers cruising times and picnics and to write a brand new history of us now for them in the future.
As one day this boat will reach 100 years old, and when that happens, the moment will be glorious indeed.

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Rising of the Mary Rose

On Thursday i was at a Tes Auction in Skegness and i was on a bit of a bid battle to retain this awesome plaque.
In 1982 Mary Rose was recovered from the seabed  and this plaque was created to help this historical event.
Mary Rose Plaque
Heavy thick slate back supporting
some bronze metal of some sort.
I used my iphone to give example of size

Mary Rose plaque Close up

This tapestry shows closest example to my Plaque. 
 I know this has nothing to do with the Framar but it is very interesting and on the same subject of Historical boats, I do have a few more items that i may share on here in the near future.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Looking back to 2012

YouTube Video

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Location:Thompson Close,Skegness,United Kingdom

Our story & our Bonding of this wonderful boat

Hello and welcome to my blog for this wonderful appreciation of this very special boat.
We have been very busy talking to many parties in the hope of securing and preserving this classic boat and bringing her the treatment it deserves.
Photo taken in tilt-shift mode by me

2012 was a challenging year when we charted the boat from Langrick Bridge in Boston uk,
On our route we stopped by the white Horse for a wonderful Roast dinner and then we found a nice quiet place to moor up,
This was to be our 1st wake up to this wonderful world of nature,
We were all calm and really felt like it was the best waking moment of our lives.
After we woken up and were ready, we started making our way to Lincoln, we navigated 2 loch systems before we then reached the famous glory hole.

My mum got off the boat to do a bit of shopping in the town center while me and my Dad journeyed to Burton waters but 1st we had to navigate the bridge with Stokes cafe above us.
It was a very tight squeeze and the arches are crooked so we had to kind a zig zag slightly to avoid any damage.
Any way when we got to Burton waters we visited a chandlers and the 1st this i asked for was "Can i buy a barge pole?"

The guy then said we sell extendable sticks with a hook on end,
Then i said yea thats what i need, And then i say yes i have got a Barge pole, I said its a barge pole to me regardless what you say.
I then saw a digital speed display on the wall and it was around 1200 pounds.
I said I'm ok i don't need to buy that, because i got a App on my Ipad that tells me how many knots i am doing. and it was a free app.

we did buy a few more items of need and then got back to our boat and when we just left burton water we stalled just around the corner and was stuck in a bit of a drift, after some time we go one engine going just enough to get us back to Burton waters, To get 100 quids worth of red diesel in tank.
Then we made our way back to the brayford area.

As we struggled to get through the bridge at the Glory hole earlier,
This time my dad stood at the front of the boat, he stood there proud and ready to tackle anything.
But as he stood there holding the barge pole fully extended like a aboriginal warrior with his spear,
As i was shouting Duck and waving my hands to signal duck! he just waved back and smiled. I had already disabled any forward powered motion, and was just in a steady drift forward and still he smiles and stands there, the spear (bargepole) was higher than the bridge with the message: where are you going
He did duck down try and make out what i was saying! and that was good for him! Because that saved him.
The memory is stained in my mind like a video recording.
I guess its the sort of thing ya see in slapstick films.

Anyway when we did finally moor up in the Glory hole by the shopping centre.
We were not expecting the great response to the public, And it was here where we realised we had not just a boat, But a boat that was extremely Historical and so very unique.
Its Design and look was very special to its self.

There was a woman in her 40s just passing by in the morning and she was just on her way to work, And she recognised the Boat, she says she has not seen it about in years, She said the Framar has been to dunkirk,
Even though we can't prove it right now, she inspired us to research as much as we can. And in doing so we bonded with the boat even more.
We thought we were just getting a boat project, but after knowing what she was about we knew the History should not be forgotten.
She was used by the government at some parts of her life.
And survived the brunt of the WWII.
And been loved by many generations of owners.
When the boat was built by James Taylor It was built as a Gentleman's river cruiser.
So if we think back to them years when Framar Was about on the Thames 1937+, Then what people were ferried down the great river?

This Boat has seen enough of Neglect through time, And a Landlady in Boston By River Withem Lincolnshire, Told us was was silly to have brought the Framar as she has known it to have sunk 3 times in the past.

She didn't half scare us, But when we went back to our boat! moored up at Boston Boat Club,We decided we wont get depressed, we will not let the boat sink! As long as we can keep an eye on here and keep to a routine, we can keep this boat afloat.
Its normal for wooden built boats to take on water,
But Framar would take about 2 months before she sinks if the bilge pump was not activated .
Now we know how much the public love this Boat, I want to get skills so that i can make sure every Journey is a safe and happy Trip.
I hope that with help, This could be a great venture.
As i could Do Inspiration Trips for Artist or Photographers or for writing Inspiration.
In the Process of this Project, I can get myself out of living a disabled life.
It is hoped that i could hopefully bend my knees more to help my degenerating knee joints.

I hope to use the boat to help Inspire the local community, and maybe people will learn new skills, leading to better job Prospects or keeping them motivated.
We really need help to help us totally Restore this Boat.
When Completed, She could be used for all kinds of events, Weddings by the river, or Pirate and mermaid themed Picnic Parties. Ect.
All could create work for new local business.
Also get me into working once again.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel if only i had support from people who want to help, with there skills or pitch in to make a proud group of happy social people,
I will Put a Paypal Button to donate onto this Blog soon, If anybody wants to help i can display all contributors on to this blog, I wont display amount donated, just appreciation and any messages you want to be added to this blog.
Or if you want to come to a support event at the Seathorn pub in Winthope then keep an eye on this blog for Event dates.
Every person who helps us, will never be forgotten.
When project is complete, A party as got to be a Must.
All helpers will be Fully Credited to go down in the Framar History.

And this became the building blocks and learning curve that has

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Framar Boats Future is the past

Welcome to our blog.
Well done if you got here via your smart phone using that QR Code on flyer.
As we have had this boat recognized and registered fully with the national historical ships.
we have now found it in our hearts to return our little ship into to her originality.
As this boat was to aid me and motivate me, and offer me hope to get me away from the 5 years i have been disabled.
Also as my father was advised to early retirement due to illness,
I wanted my dad to experience the life on the waterways.
After last year as passed we have been told by many people that we are brave to take on such a venture,
As keeping a vessel original would be vastly costly.

Here is how the boat looks right now

This is how it used to look

In its history the boat, there are local talks that has sank a few times but was recovered.
This is possible if the Boat is left unattended for about 2 months.
Its normal for the boat to take on water, But its rate is so low that at the moment is not a worry.
Framar is a very sturdy boat a wonderful place for peace and clarity by nature.
We have bonded with this boat! so we want to prevent any chance of this boat becoming at risk with the elements.
And we are now looking for helpers to help maintain and restore this boat or even sponsorship.
When boat is fully restored any helpers or supporters will be welcome to celibate with a party.
And then you will always be welcome aboard for a picnic or a tea/coffee and chin wag.
 The event above is just the start of something that could blossom into something great.